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D     A     N     I     E     L     E         F     R     E     D     I      A     N     I   



This short project documents few moments of my grandfather's current routine. 

Osvaldo is 92. He was born in Montecarlo, a small town in the north of Tuscany. Since he was just a boy he knew what it means living in a reality that makes you struggle to get simple things as bread and water. He was born with war. During the Fascist dictatorship life was as bad as struggling and his family taught him to grow up very quickly.

At the age of 14 he used to work the land with his father, waking up at four in the morning and going to sleep at ten in the evening. 

After meeting his future wife Assunta, at 16, he moved to Milan to work as a waiter in a restaurant. Meanwhile he learnt how to be a pastry chef and he opened his own shop when he was 31. In 1954 and 1955, Assunta and Osvaldo gave the birth two boys. Life kept going on as normal as can be in those years until Assunta, his beloved, died of cancer in 1988. 

This is a turning point for his routine, because his sons were independent and he found himself alone at home. Age advanced and his legs begun to feel bad. 


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